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Our mission is to make world class marketing easy for everyone.

Pretty big mission, right? That’s why we need your help!

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  • Mission
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We’ve built an industry-leading visual marketing platform that helps over 700,000 brands and small businesses drive ROI on Pinterest and Instagram.

Marketing & Analytics is just the beginning though. Content is a $50Bn industry that is becoming more visual by the day and we've only scratched the surface of tapping into these opportunities. Armed with data, we're building products that help make the industry smarter, more approachable and able to deliver a much more engaging experience to consumers.

We're growing quickly -- over 100% year-over-year and we're profitable too! We care deeply about our customers and build products that actually makes their lives better, which is why our churn is close to 0%.

The Meaning behind our mission

While we work with some large brands, our true focus is on the small business. Our platform isn't built for full-time marketers like all the others. Instead, we focus obsessively on solving the problems that small business owners and self-marketers face every day.

Small business owners usually don't have marketing degrees or data analysts on staff. Their hands are already full and learning the ins and outs of marketing isn’t usually a top priority. That's why we believe small business owners have the biggest untapped opportunities across digital marketing, and focus obsessively on solving the unique problems they face.

Our tools empower them to answer their toughest (yet simple) questions like, "where do I start?", "is this working?", or "what should I post?". This enables them to learn, reach new customers, grow their income, and finally consider these once daunting endeavors as attainable.

The biggest disruptions and breakthroughs come when something previously unreachable is made accessible to a large group of people. That's why we believe we can achieve world-class marketing.

Our Culture

Our team and culture is our #1 priority, by far. We understand that nothing is more important to the long term success of our company than the culture that we foster.

Full team photo in OKC office
  • We're a small, quickly growing team of data nerds and startup veterans (hailing from Google, Youtube, and Merrill Lynch), and we're tackling meaningful challenges every single day.
  • We value building a smart, talented, and passionate team that learns from each other and challenges one another to accomplish extraordinary things.
  • We believe in the value of an accelerated rate of learning
  • We have an open, transparent compensation system.
  • We really really care about our customers, and it shows. See what our members are tweeting about us here.

We think our industry’s lack of diversity hurts us all. Technology is too important to not represent everyone. That’s why we work hard to foster a company culture that’s inclusive and appreciative of everyone’s talent, authenticity, and ideas — regardless of our differences. 🌈 💙 🤗

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Our Values

At Tailwind, our values guide and influence both our culture and our actions, from how we decide which products to build to how we work with each other every day.

Lion Icon Bravery
We strive to change the world for the better, even if it’s hard. We assume all things are possible. We dare to live a life of yes.
Key Icon Ownership
We are all owners (literally). We take responsibility and don’t pass blame. We don’t rest until the problem is solved.
Target Icon Performance
We focus on adding value. If we’re not adding value, we’re not doing our job.
Leaf Icon Growth
We aim to go to bed better every night. We support each other’s growth. We build with an eye to the future, not the present.
Heart Icon Inclusion
Everyone is welcomed, regardless of what they look like, where they come from, who they love or what they believe.
Ghost Icon Transparency
Being transparent helps us do the right thing. Transparency shines a light on our mistakes, so we can fix them faster.

Perks & Benefits

We'll pay for 100% of your health and dental premiums, along with 50% of your family's -- including domestic partners.
If you need to work from home for any reason every once in a while (your child gets sick, you have a furniture delivery, your car is in the shop, etc.) it's not a problem at all!
Yes, we offer 401(k) plans!
Several times a year, our team travels in to our OKC office for the entire team to get together, usually for a full week. These weeks are usually packed with events, meals, and all sorts of other team activities.
While we don't have daily catered meals or a chef on staff (yet), there's always an abundance of snacks and drinks in the office.
Whether it's playing a game of Catan, going out to a trivia night at a bar, or having a ping-pong tournament, we're not shy about hanging out.
If you're coming from out of state, we’re happy to offer a stipend in order to cover or assist with most relocation costs, as well as other efforts to make the process as smooth as possible!
We ❤ pets! Our office in OKC is totally pet-friendly!
See our full perks and benefits list

Tailwind is a two-city company, growing in both New York City and Oklahoma City. We pride ourselves on being able to effectively collaborate across this divide on a daily basis. We also greatly value the virtues of face-to-face interaction, and make a point to encourage travel between offices as an essential facet of team-building.

Team Photo in OKC office Team Photo in OKC office Team Photo in OKC office

Engineering at Tailwind

Technical Challenges:

Here's just a few of the things you'll experience:

  • Work with huge amounts of data at scale (30TB+), database tables with millions and millions of rows.
  • Exciting high-growth product, with many technical challenges including scale and leveraging advanced technologies (ML, NLP, computer vision).
  • Always something new - majority of dev work is in building new innovative features. Features you build will be used by thousands of engaged users each day.
  • Always improving and evolving our stack - currently establishing React as our primary front-end framework, exploring React Native for mobile.
  • Team mates expected to take ownership/responsibility out of the gate. New team members will be pushing code on day 1.
  • Very agile development process, deploying many times each day.
  • Strong focus on customers and product innovation - engineers are intimately involved in the product development and decision-making processes, from direct access to our customers and participating in customer research, to product roadmapping, implementation, testing, shipping, measuring, iteration, etc.
  • Ability to work with exclusive Pinterest and Instagram APIs at scale as an official partner of both platforms.
Tech Stack
  • PHP
  • Laravel
  • React
  • jQuery
  • SASS
  • MariaDB
  • TokuDB
  • Redis
  • Elastic Search
Workflow and Process:

Our product development process and workflow is constantly evolving as the team grows, with the goal of keeping it as organic (i.e. invisible) as possible. However, there are few constants that persist: Practicing Lean Methodology - Build, Measure, Learn, Iterate and making data-driven decisions

We're a product/tech company at the core, and because of this, we have a very strong tech culture and focus on developer growth and support. We run an Agile Development process, with bi-weekly "sprints" and Continuous Deployment. A few things that help ensure this process hums within our growing team:
• Lots of team collaboration - the practice of Code Reviews and Pair Programming are essential arrows in our quiver.
• We believe in the concept of Ownership: when you work on something, you own it from concept to functional code to QA to iteration after shipping.
• Bi-weekly lunch-and-learns, open source contributions encouraged, etc.

Our technology stack:

You’ll need to have production experience with at least some of our technologies, frameworks, and languages. Or at a minimum -- similar ones that will help you learn and start contributing quickly.

• Web Front-end: React + Redux + Typescript + Component libraries (antd, and others). Some legacy views in vanilla Javascript + JQuery, HTML5, CSS, Sass, Bootstrap.
• Mobile : React Native + Redux + Typescript + Component libraries (UI kitten, Ignite).
• Back-end: AWS API Gateway + Lambda (Typescript runtime) + SQS, PHP 7 + Laravel + Beanstalk, Memcached and Redis for caching.
• Testing: PhpUnit, Jest, Tape, Enzyme, Puppeteer, Detox, K6.
• Database: MariaDB (with InnoDB and TokuDB engines), PostgreSQL (RDS), Aurora, DynamoDB, Redshift.
• Version Control: GitHub.
• CICD: CircleCI, Github Actions.
• Dev Tools: Docker local environment, Localstack (AWS local), Rust CLI productivity tools.
• IDEs: VSCode, PHPStorm.
• DevOps: ELK (ElasticSearch, LogStash, Kibana), Datadog, New Relic, Indicative Analytics, Cloudfare WAF.
• Hosting: AWS (S3, Lambda, API gateway, SQS, SNS, SageMaker, EC2, EKS, Cloudfront, VPC), Rackspace (dedicated + virtual servers + CDN).
• Agile SLCM: Clubhouse, Slack, and Github