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Our mission is to make world class marketing easy for everyone

Pretty big mission, right? That's why we need your help!

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We believe...

  • The customer’s customers always come first.
  • Advertising must be a great experience for both consumers and marketers.
  • The world is becoming transparent, and we should be too.
  • Empowering those around you is a good thing.
  • Love what you do and do what you love.
  • We should only get paid if we add value.

Our Story

We began using Pinterest in early 2011 as a solution for our own marketing purposes while building The very first version of Tailwind (then named PinLeague) asked a simple question: how can we identify brides-to-be using Pinterest to plan their weddings? As we dug in deeper, we began to see rapid success on Pinterest. Pretty soon, our friends started asking if we could generate similar insights for them.

A huge opportunity was emerging and we decided to pivot, focusing on opening the best Pinterest marketing and analytics platform to everyone.

Since then, our users have led us in new and exciting directions, and have helped us to understand that:
1. ROI from Pinterest isn’t just about what happens on Pinterest.
2. The greatest rewards come from leveraging insights across marketing channels, and even across entire organizations.

Thus, we've grown with our users’ needs and are thinking bigger each and every day.

Today, over 500,000 of the world’s leading brands and 400 of the top agencies trust Tailwind, and we’re excited to see how social intelligence can transform your business.

We view this as only the beginning. Thank you for making it all possible!

Meet Our Team

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The Tailwind Culture

Do Something Incredible

We are a very close-knit, hard-working, fast-moving and diverse team that helps each other, learns from one another, and challenges each other to accomplish extraordinary things. With all of the challenges we face day-to-day, there is absolutely no room for egos or any sense of entitlement.

Don’t fit neatly into any of the roles above? We believe that anyone who is passionate and yearns to never stop learning can find a place on our team and contribute. Tell us how you think you’ll be able to help, or better yet, just do it and show us. It never hurts to come bearing gifts.

Contact us: [email protected]